How can VOIP help your business

We’ve been working on building high-quality VOIP phone systems for the small business for about 6 years. When I had first reached out to a local company to find out more about what VOIP could do for my business I was amazed. There are so many amazing features, and with these newer systems, you no longer need to call a “phone-tech” to come on-site to make changes to your phone system. Many of the setup option are very easy for just about anyone to do themselves. The first quote I received to have someone set up a new VOIP system for my business came in at $500,000 dollars! Available in easy monthly lease payments of $2000/month. I thought to myself, there has to be a less-expensive way to do this. Turns out there is. It’s called open-source. The Asterisk VOIP PBX system is a great open-source alternative that anyone can use for FREE!

Pitfalls of VOIP

One of the things that I learned early on when setting up my first phone system is that when you go with FREE, you also have to learn many of the “gotchas” that you may not have originally planned for. I’ve spent the last few years working exclusively with Asterisk based systems and have gained the experience to know how to build these low-cost systems, while avoiding some of the newcomer mistakes.

What does VOIP Cost?

There are several different ways to implement VOIP in your organization, so I’ll lay out the basics here.

VOIP Internally, using analog (POTS or Traditional phone lines) for external calls.

This setup is nice because you get the great features of the VOIP system, but you don’t send your calls out over the internet where you can encounter latency and call-quality issues. We’ve set this up in one of our Chicago offices and it works great. We never have call-quality issues, yet we can program the system easily, and we still have the option to change our setup to further utilize VOIP for external calls in the future.

VOIP Internally and Externally

This setup utilized a third-party VOIP trunk provider for your external calls. I have encountered issues with call-quality with this setup. It really depends on your download/upload speed of your internet connection, as well as distance between you and your VOIP provider, among other things. The nice this here is that there are MANY external VOIP providers out there, and most of them are very affordable. If one doesn’t seem to work well, switching is fast and easy.

Where can I get a good VOIP system for the best price?

We currently offer several different options for on-site as well as cloud-hosted systems, including ongoing support contracts. Give us a call today to find out more: 858-345-5858.