Do you need your PC Repaired today?

So I wanted to give the good old Geek Squad a call today to find out what they charge to do a quick diagnosis of what may be wrong with a computer. Unfortunately, it is currently 9:41AM here in Concord CA and our local Geek Squad is currently CLOSED. It leaves me wondering how many people in Concord have PC Repair needs, call Geek Squad, then have to wait to call back just to find out how much a simple PC Repair or Diagnosis costs?

How do WE do PC Repair?

Well, first off, we are typically open from 8AM-5PM Monday-Friday, but if you call after hours, you always have the option to press 1 and be directed to the after hours technician. This is FREE. I mean really…if you are having problems with your computer, you want answers NOW, not hours later. And I’ll bet money that most people are not going to leave a message in the Best Buy general mailbox and hope to get a return phone call any time soon.

We do FREE Diagnosis!

This is another issue that I have with other companies that provide PC and Computer repair. They charge you money just to find out what is wrong. Let me give you an example of GREAT customer service. Next time you get a flat tire, take it to Discount Tires. Did you know if it is a simple hole in the middle of the tread, they will fix it for FREE!!! That’s right, they fix flat tires for FREE. Why? Because they have the best interests of their customer in mind. They also know that when you do need new tires, you will probably go to them next time because you were SO happy that they helped you with the easy stuff for FREE!

When it comes to PC and Computer repair, we feel the same way. We will never charge our customers a dime to simply find out what is wrong. We always have the best interests of our customers in mind. When you bring your computer to us, we will find out what is wrong, then give you an honest assessment of what it will take you get you back up and running quickly and at the lowest cost to you.

The Best PC Repair in Concord CA

We strive to be the very best when in comes to PC Repair in Concord CA. Next time you are having problems with your computer, just give us a call. We’re available 24/7, and we are always glad to help.

Call Today: 925-808-3107 for PC Repair in Concord CA