Does Your Business Need a Budget-Friendly source for Computer Support?

One of the biggest problems today with running a small business is finding a a place to get good quality computer support without it breaking your budget. Typically, we see companies that end up calling us after they have already spent too much money with another “IT Guy” who left them hanging with problems on their network and computers.

Why is good computer support so hard to find?

With technology being so prevalent in our day-to-day world, so many people end up labeling themselves as a Computer Repair Service, when in reality, they don’t have the years of experience that it takes to gain a well-rounded skill set. Secondly, being an IT Professional also takes staying up to date with the latest trends and new technologies available for business. There are so many cost-saving options and technologies out there, and as a professional, you MUST stay up to date on what is working and what is not. Your local guy may be giving you advice about moving servers into the cloud, without even knowing what that means, or what ramifications could be at stake. This causes businesses to trust someone who is not an expert to spend their money on solutions that end up failing in the end, and only cost the business more money to clean up the mess.

How can my business afford to pay for Top-Level Computer Support?

If you are still paying for hourly IT support for your business, it is most certain that you are paying too much. Let me give you a simple example. You have a a local “IT Guy” for your business that you call when things break. You pay him $150/hour. If he does 10 hours of work for you this month, that ends up costing your business $1500 dollars of unanticipated cost. Keep in mind, that $1500 dollars is just the labor to fix issues or provide help-desk support. When he is finished, he has only fixed your immediate problems, and when other issues arise, you will yet again be paying $150/hour for those services.

But I can’t afford to pay $75-$100K/year to hire a full-time Computer Support person.

And you shouldn’t have to pay $100K/year for a Computer Support person. For the size of your business, you will never get your money’s worth, and what happens when your new employee goes on vacation for a day? This option for computer support again, makes no economic sense for your business.

What if you could get a whole team of computer support professionals for a fraction of the cost?

There is a dramatic trend in the SMB world of outsourcing their IT and Computer support for a fixed monthly fee. This model eliminates the hourly cost of getting help, and provides your business with an entire team of computer support experts! The reason for this dramatic trend is that it truly makes the best economic sense for the business. Why pay $100K/Year for a single employee, when you can have a whole team of people, with expertise in different areas at your fingertips. This team also never goes on vacation, never gets sick, and isn’t another line on your weekly payroll and taxes.

How to get more computer support for less money!

The other nice thing about using a fixed-fee Computer Support TEAM are that you get so much more than just computer support. You get active 24/7 monitoring of all of your business systems. When something breaks at 3AM, your computer support team is already working to fix the problem. Instead of having an employee complaining that their computer is broken, you have your computer support team calling you BEFORE it breaks! How wonderful is this? This can all be done for LESS money than your business is currently paying now for computer support for your business.