Two Hands Technology – Code of Ethics for Computer Support and PC Repair

  • We pledge to always be courteous and friendly at all times.
  • We pledge to treat your problems like they were our problems.
  • We pledge to never talk down to our clients. We are the experts when it comes to your computer, so we don’t expect you to be.
  • We pledge to always operate with a sense of urgency and value for your time.
  • We pledge to uphold the highest ethical standards and honesty in all of our operations.
  • We pledge to keep ourselves on the forefront of technology standards so that we can pass that knowledge openly to our clients.
  • We pledge to find the most cost-effective quality solutions for our clients and will always be transparent with our cost of doing business.
  • We pledge to keep all customers’ information safe and secure in all of our operations.
  • We pledge to always strive to provide the very best and highest quality products and services to our clients.

Your Computer Support and PC Repair problems are our problems

We use this code of ethics to guide all of our actions with our clients. We know that you take your business very seriously, so it is important to us that you know that we also take it seriously. There are many choices available for computer support and pc repair for your business in Concord CA. We choose to uphold these high standards in hopes that we will be the first choice for your business.

Two Hands Technology – Computer Support and PC Repair